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Prest (stingy) ious: A wealthy, materialistic person that exudes prestige and money to everyone, especially those less fortunate in order to be popular, yet will take anything they can get, but will return a favor, give a gift, or pick up a tab in fear of having one less thing to buy for themselves.
Wow! What a prestingious bitch! She is so into flagrant buying and flaunting her husbands wealth that she could care less about the hard times and stress the people around her are going through, especially her family. You would think she could pick up a tab after everyone else picks up the tab for her. You would think she could do just one small and selfless thing to make her dad smile, but that would mean giving a little of her time or buying one less thing for herself.

Damn! She works so hard to display her wealth in such a prestigious manner, yet she is so stingy. How prestingious can you get!
by irukandji March 05, 2014
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