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A funny, weird, and different person. She is lovable, loves chicken wings, and looks like a potato. She has the straightest, most beautiful hair in the flipping world! She is usually shy at first, but then can be energetic. She will get into fights with people like ashley. Do not ever lose a Presilla.
Hey you see that person? yep. that's Presilla
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She unique and love her friends as much as her family dont. She doesnt belivie in her self but her friends do. If u ever find a presilla never everrrr let her go. People the her go thats why she doesnt belive in her self . Find a presilla and get to know her better. You will lover her for a long time mabey even for the rest of your life. Dont let her float away.
U see that girl over there?
Oh yea thats presilla
by Jdkska May 17, 2018
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