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a chonga who wears preppy clothes, as in american eagle and ambercrombie n fitch. her clothes are really tight and she has big hoop earings and might be caught wearing her hair in a side pony tail. prepongas are mainly located in the 305.
look at that preponga, if she wasnt wearing american eagle, shed be the biggest chonga in the world.
by alexfooalex... March 20, 2006
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a chonga trying to be preppy by buying a nice hollister -or any other preppy shirt and matching it with slutish brazilian pants, ridiculusly huge hoop earings and a 3$ 'gold' necklace with their name written in cursive. a preponga is just a chonga pretending that if she buys a nice shirt she can become preppy. soo NOT true. a prep is born a prep && truth is a REAL chonga will NEVER be a GENUINE prep- its illogical. its like a black person trying to be white. prepongas are trying to be someone they're not && they know it.
SMSH (south miami senior high) should be called "chonga county" instead of "cobra county", its full of prepongas.

scene: 2 prepongas in locker's wearing a hollister shirt with white brazilian pants and nike airforces with gold hoops. other preponga wearing an American Eagle shirt with short huchi shorts with her hair glued to her scalp. prepongas think they are so cool with their 'preppy' shirts with their 'sexy' brazilians.... but truth is, they are just a source of entertainment for everyone else around them.

by glowie September 13, 2006
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