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Pronounced pr-ee-n. A mix between prep and scene.
It's pretty much a girl/guy who dresses like a prep, but also has a mixture of scene attributes. They take lots of pictures of themselves and are addicted to MySpace, but are also very hyper and giddy and giggly and usually quite popular.
Person 1: "She's such a prep. She's like... always happy in those Abercrombie clothes."
Person 2: "No, she's scene. Look at that shirt! It's so scene. And she's taking another picture of herself at a weird angle."
Person 3: "Uhh, no, she's prene. Dude, she totally has some prep clothes, but some look totally scene, and she takes a lot of pictures of herself. She's prene, definitely."
by Squishy Cool August 31, 2006
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