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a cross between a prep and a redneck, they talk really country and usually wear white t shirts, blue jeans, nikes, and an alabama football hat with a fishing hook pinned to the front. Prednecks have a nack for copying each other by all trying to play guitar, they mostly prefer playing "freebird" or "simple man". They wear shoes that are too big for thier feet and try to make thier voices sound deep when in actuallity they have shrilly voices and small... feet.... they usually do this to sound big or tough, but noone really falls for it.
"Hey look at those prednecks trying to play freebird!"
by gah gah gah March 15, 2009
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this is a fusion between a prep and a redneck, the "predneck" typically wears a collared shirt with the collar in the upright position. other articals of clothing include previously ripped jeans and dirty boots "fully exposed"
typically prednecks tend to live in rural areas, most of them claim to be christian but arent, meerly for the fact that they think they are better than evryone else, if you should ever meet one dont make any sudden movements because they tend to scare easily
by ruggymokatom March 06, 2008
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