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The period of drinking before hitting the club or a party. Usually held at somebodys flat or house between the hours of roughly 6 and 11 with your most loyal homies.
'Yo man fancy starting the prebev at mine bout 7 before we head out into town and get messed up?'

'Sounds like a plan!'
by lloydbanks25 August 23, 2009
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(Pre Beverage) The drinking time before a night out. Is often the most enjoyable part of the night, often occurs at a friend's house for a few hours before heading out.
Person 1: Hey, what's the POA for tonight?

Person 2: em, we're pre bevving at mine then headed to the club, sound good?

Person 1: Jammin'!
by aboutyourdress October 27, 2009
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