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The psuedo-greek translation of the word Preacher, specific in reference to Preacher, the much vaunted leader of the gaming association known as iDM (Industrial Death Machines).

Preacher (Preachidus) is a man of varied knowledges, who lives vicariously through the internet. His followers do not know his true whereabouts, and the doctrines he teaches are borderline communism, with a decided slant towards pimping.

He is also known for a strong wit, the ability to discern the color of water with his hands in his pockets, and for abusing the shit out of Templar, a member of iDM who is of judaic descension.

Known sightings include Orange County, California (in fact, the majority of sightings are from here), Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Mexico, Idaho, and even more exotic locations like Illinois, and even a few sightings (albeit years ago) in England. Sightings two years ago placed him with a full beard, recent sightings implicate that a possible female has attached herself to him and his dealings.

Known food likes and dislikes inlcude bratwurst, specifically johnsonville beer-brats, code red, and tuna fish cassarole.

The description of this elusive person is that he is tall, approximately 6'3, usually short brown hair, grey eyes, and he weighs in at no less than 250 lbs, while remaining surprisingly light on his feet. Rumors place him as having a decent knowledge of self defense, including varied forms of sword fighting.
Preachidus is simply, the most awesomest everest.

Preachidus called havok a beaner.
by Jules February 25, 2004
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