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Underage teenage girl who is so drunk she is going to be sick. No guy in his right mind messes with these girls for several reasons. 1. She is underage, and even if she is willing it's statutory rape. 2. She is drunk, and even if she is willing it can become rape if she changes her mind after the fact. 3. You have no idea what std this girl has, some of them can ruin you for life. 4. Do you want everyone to know that you are so desperate that you would risk your freedom and health for this little skank? If you are that desperate wash you hands and whack-off it's safer and won't get you in jail.
Frank found out that pre-puker he screwed is knocked-up,he's sweating bullets man. Dan got a dose from some pre-puker at the party, you better get checked man. Jim thought I was nuts not screwing that pre-puker, now he's facing a rape charge.
by knowman March 09, 2008
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