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The act of loading a webpage with a video on it allowing the video to buffer knowing full well that you do not intent to watch the video at the present time. But instead keeping the webpage open and watching later when it may be more convenient for you. A pre-buffer is also used to make sure the video is fully loaded when you wish to wash it.

The user can also disconnect from the internet and will still be able to watch the video due to the pre-buffer.
buddy: have you got any decent films we can watch?
guy: erm nah not really but i pre-buffered the hangover on the internet this morning if you wanna watch that
buddy: yeah sounds like a plan, good old pre-buffer

bob: you wanna go out jim?
jim: ok let me just pre-buffer space chimps for the kids n i'll pick you up
by wildturkey69 September 17, 2009
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An entry level position in the gay porn industry. The main job responsibilities are insuring the porn stars have fresh water, food and other treats while not on the set. Also,they warm up the male porn stars genitals prior to sending them onto the fluffer for final arousal.
(friend 1)"Hey, I havent seen Patrick in a while, What is he up to lately?"

(friend 2)"Patrick has been busy working at his new job in the porn industry, He's a prebuffer. Isn't that great!"

(Friend 1)"Wow!! at least he's getting paid now"
by Team Beaver December 11, 2007
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