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A beautiful ,strong, intelligent, proud young women

Someone who puts herself aside and care about other people
She lets people get away with treating her wrong and still forgives them

A tuff b*t*h who doesn’t let people step their boundaries though
A hockey lover
A hot mama who is beautiful in every way

Someone who is loyal to all of her friends and every guy wants her but she’s to scared to meet new people because she is afraid she’ll get hurt again and they’ll leave her, so if you get her keep her and hold her tight because it’s a gift that you have
1st guy: Who’s that hottie over there

2nd guy: that’s a prealynn

1st guy: ok I would tap her everyday, who is that
2nd guy: that’s praelynn
by lover1008 May 26, 2018
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praelynn a kind and loving friend always there for her friends and when she needs friends they're never there always has a big ass smile like forreal shes a beauty pretty as fuck it is really hard to hurt her so dont even try in the end shell be the one laughing
guy1 "damn look at that thot"
guy2"that aint no thot thats a praelynn"
by lover1008 May 17, 2018
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