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Any person, place or thing which allows the individual who uses it or interacts with it to exert power or simply feel more powerful by interacting with it.
Some examples of power objects are famous people, movie stars, celebrities, politicians; computers , the Web; cigarettes; all vehicles; all weapons—from a knife to an atomic bomb; a penis (it helps create a life; a vagina (it can reward and also pussywip; a beautiful face or rear end—because either one or both can reel-in a man; pens—because they record ideas; all electronic devices; all buildings; highways; cookware (they let people feed themselves); beds (they let people rest and recuperate and create babies); jaccuzzies, showers; and... toilets—because they let people get rid of their body's waste products, etc. Garbage cans and "pregnancy prevention" devices (mistakenly called "birth control" devices) are also power objects because the former isolate garbage to be removed by workers, and the latter give users the power to engage in sexual intercourse but prevent a pregnancy.

And though the air and water appear to not be power objects, their correct evaluation reveals that they are extremely powerful because they are indispensable to sustain life. Therefore, fruits and vegetables can also be considered power objects.

Some examples of things which are generally not power objects are the grass; fruitless trees; clouds; the ocean; birds and most other animals, though horses, for example, could be considered power objects because they increase the rider's powers, and strong dogs—such as Dobermann Pinchers—are also power objects because they protect their owners.
by PROFACT September 30, 2017
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