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noun- A frumpystumpy woman, with shorter hair; sometimes loosely feathered with spikes. Typically wears half-zip mock neck fleece sweaters; in colors of forest green, mushroom brown, navy, mustard yellow, and deep maroon. These types of women tend to run in packs of two women leaders with multiple animal pack members. They usually travel in large pick up trucks, stylish pant suits, and quickly to Birkenstock sales. There is no class of the potato lesbian, as they cross most economic boarders. However, rarely do they dip below middle class. Examples are as followed; Hillary Clinton, Jan Brewer, my aunt Cathy, and the entire lady's softball league in Trenton New Jersey.
Rachel Maddow will one day transform from a Power Lesbian into a Potato Lesbian.
by PotatoLez December 22, 2014
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