The act of having "put in so many chips", or otherwise risk of consequence, that you might as well follow through with the plan.
Johnny: Y'sure you wanna ditch school early?
Tommy: Well we've made it to Jack in the Box, so I say we're pretty pot committed at this point.
by *Brendan Hottie* February 26, 2008
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In poker, the act of betting so much that you have effectively put the majority of your chips in play, leaving you with very little left in reserve should you loose the hand.
After being dealt big slick Rob pot committed himself pre-flop and when nothing hit, he was left with a decision of going all-in or checking.
by GTI_Guy September 25, 2006
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A sports team that has spent a lot of money to commit to a certain direction.

Could also be used to describe a company in a similar situation.

Taken from the pot committed term, but said with emphasis on the ASS. Could also be used as PAC.
Bert: YOOOO, you see the contract the Flames signed, those guys are Pot-ASS Committed.

Pete: No doubt, love a team who is PAC. Teams NEVER show any commitment, they LOVE to sit on the fence.
by Mike109999 October 7, 2022
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