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Warning: the only reason someone should go on is if they want to troll it.

To put it simply, the epitome of shit. And apparently posting the following is a bannable offense:

I'm actually really confused about this site, so naturally I thought that I should ask someone above me for help; for example, a moderator. But wait! There are no competent moderators on this site... all you have is someone who claims to be 16, but mentally and academically is 9. Kirsty, please stand up and take your prize!

Does this make sense? No, of course it doesn't; it's ****ing pathetic.

She (being Kirsty) bans people for no apparent reason, and misspells words on the ban reason. What the hell? How retarded are you, really? Oh, and all of this happens because she steals someones work and when that person claims their work, she silences them and deletes their posts.

It's disgusting.

Therefore, it is my recommendation that you remove her as staff, and replace her with someone competent. I'd suggest me, but I would never be part of this place.
x: Hey, do you want to check out this site called posthabbo?

Danny: NO! Seriously, do not go on it. They have incompetent moderators (Kirsty), who through temper tantrums.

x: Oh, is posthabbo that site that stole another forum's database to boost its members?

Danny. Yeah, that's it. Absolute shit.
by Danny.boy November 09, 2009
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