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Contrary to sarcastic (usually called "ironic") humor and culture, post-sarcastic humor and culture genuinely shows admiration/appreciation for something, to the point where you are completely unashamed of liking something that others may consider embarrassing.

Example of sarcasm: wearing a Phil Collins t-shirt because you actually *don't* like him, and you're wearing it in a way that mocks him.

Example of post-sarcasm: genuinely enjoying Phil Collins enough that you would wear a Phil Collins t-shirt and sing his music in public.
"I know you think I'm joking, but this is genuine post-sarcasm. I really do love professional wrestling post-sarcastically."
by BaconPizza February 05, 2017
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Good natured humor of untruth that isn't ambiguous like normal sarcasm. Can be a statement that's obvious exaggeration or something too dumb or campy to need saying in the first place.
Examples of post-sarcasm:

-"You got a face I could go gay for, Mikey."
"Aww, shut up, Mills"

-"How'd that date go last night?"
"Fuckin, we were fucking for WEEKS."
-"Fuckin for weeks that's a pretty good amount of time."
"I had to take a break every so often to pay my bills."
by doughy mike September 07, 2009
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