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Post guardianship stress disorder is a condition similar to post-traumatic stress disorder affecting 20+ adults and causing them to display emotional problems of a type usually found in teenagers. It is caused by a history of rough legal guardianship by guardians who "wanted the best for you" and/or very good memory, preventing affected people from forgetting the hell it was to be under a legal guardian. Mind you, people with post guardianship stress disorder are NOT age queers, they do NOT wish they were real teenagers again any more than Holocaust survivors wish they were back in concentration camp. Quarterlife crisis is not post guardianship stress disorder although it often strikes at a similar stage of life, but for very different reasons. To be considered a sufferer of post guardianship stress disorder your emotional problmes have to be caused by what your legal guardians or equivalent did legally to you "doing their job", not by people breaking the law.
I have post guardianship stress disorder.
by TheRealBRAIN!!! January 09, 2016
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