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Post Function. The event that immediately follows a party or event. Includes only a sub-set of original attendees. Typically this is the primary source of embarrassing tales of debauchery and over-consumption of alcohol; however, it not to be missed. See afterparty. Derived from pre funk.
Mike: Holla, holla y'all. Post Funk at the Ironhead!

Matt: Word, yo! That place is off the hook!

(The two, and accompanying friends proceed to the aforementioned watering hole)

by twood August 16, 2007
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To come back to the place where you held your pre-funk or your final destination of the evening and attempt to revive the party by drinking the remainder of your booze (if there's any to be found). Very easy to do in a drunken stupor!
Sue: We should blow this joint and post-funk at my pad!
Lisa: But I'm already shit-faced!!
Sue: Fuck that! We're taking shots!
by Kakapoto May 22, 2007
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