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A type of mob-based socialism seen frequently in the Internet Age in which the intent is to stifle and even eliminate political debate and opinions contrary to the mob. Especially popular among folk singers, baristas and people who thought that turning their bodies into bad kitsch art sounded like a nifty idea at the time.
"Did you see that web site that said young voters are 'fashion follow monkeys' and that Obama is manipulating us? Let's go lay some positive jamming on them. If that don't shut them up, we can even launch a denial of service attack."
by Freddie Knuckles January 24, 2010
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An act of online mob mentality whereby a group of fascist activists decide to silence the voices of those with whom they disagree, by aggressively overwhelming a forum with spam, rather than engaging in thoughtful reasoned conversation.
Billy doesn't like what they're saying on that internet forum, so he organized his fellow hactivists to assault their board with positive jamming.
by Schnorkenschneider February 14, 2014
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A form of Culture Jamming aimed at web forums or chat room.
Also called Passive jamming.
Overwhelming forums with messages of harmony.
Posting large numbers of positive, passive facts.
A form of activism
Positive Jamming is a good way to affect change.
Many small groups of Positive Jammers can change reality for the better.
One way of positive jamming is to actively seek out forum blogs against humanity and post against them.
by Dr Inkerman September 08, 2006
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