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Males, similar to guidos, in that they tan, gel their hair, go clubbing every night, are constantly at the gym, wear wife beaters, gold jewellry, tight fitted clothes, and racing shoes (pumas) or indoor soccer shoes (adidas).

Have metrosexual european names like Ricardo, Antonio, Sergio, and Francisco.

They think they are cool like guidos of Italian descent but are in fact of Portuguese descent. Mostly unemployed but if they have a job its as a construction worker. They are not poor however, since they usually live off of their rich families.

They drive fast and think they are great drivers, normally cheap Volkswagens wishing they were BMWs, usually with a Portuguese flag on the window.

Surprisingly good taste in women, but they fear their mothers which explains them having issues with girls - like daddy issues except for men, so they will sleep with any girl that comes their way (hot or not).
Can be spotted throughout the Greater Toronto Area, most likely in some nasty Portuguese bar or restaurant where they will be crowded around a shitty TV to watch a soccer game.

They all think they are amazing soccer players (but usually suck), wish they were Cristiano Ronaldo and in fact would probably have sex with him if they could. Cheer for Portugal during soccer tournaments but the minute they lose they cheer for Brazil.
Look at that portuguese guido, what a tool, i bet he wishes he was Cristiano Ronaldo.
by guidohater11 February 25, 2010
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