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pig/orka hybrid native to the docile florida climate,abile to be mobile on land and water.this beast's natural habitat is florida's aloa foliage,evidence supports that they may have migrated from brazil to the golf of mexico thousands of years ago.capable of holding his breathe up to 2 weeks for its seasonal hibernation from the hurricanes in the feeds on sugar cane, opium, and tabacco .residents reported cigarettes going missing from there coastal patios in south florida.although only one has been spotted evidence supports there are probly still living reclusively in the wild.the only one spotted to date was seem on april 12 1911 in what would be modern day Boca Raton.
"the porkka bask's in his natural habitat of the aloa foliage"
"the mighty majestic porkka frolics in the sea weed patch of the north atlantic ridge"
by H.Barker April 02, 2007
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