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someone who is preppy and listens to CD's such as ministry of sound and partys a lot.

common traits of a pop diva are:

Louis Smith-ism
Whinging (See Louis Smith-ism)
Dumbness (See Redface)

Popdiva can also be used as an action, usually accompanied by these thingos: * (See example set 2)
Example Set 1:

1) Paris Hilton wishes she was a Popdiva.

2) Louis Smith taught himself to pole dance, there for he is a popdiva.

3) Wow Erica your hair looks really good, I wish I were a popdiva like you.

Example Set 2:

Omfg I hate these new nails they are too pink *popdiva*

Erica: Hey Louis *is talking to a popdiva*
Louis: Hey Erica *is responding to a popdiva*

by eziez April 03, 2007
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