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Popare, or poppare, is a person who listens to the music genre "pop" and dresses in a certain fashion. The style can be seen in Sweden. Like other styles, there are some sub genres, like "glitter popare" "Panda popare" (also called BDpopare, after the band "Broder Daniel") and "Håkan popare". A popare listens to pop, especially indie pop, bands like Broder Daniel, Kent, Håkan Hellström, Almedal, Timo Räisänen, Laakso, Markus Krunegård, The Cure, Florence Valentin, Mando Diao, Nordpolen, Morrissey, Kristian Anttila, Franz Ferdinand, Detektivbyrån, and Bob Hund.
Glitter popare: Dresses in cute childish clothes, much colours, can be compared to the japanese style "decora", but not as extreme.
Panda popare: Henrik Berggren = God. Panda hair, dresses almost only in black and white, ties, and a lot of eyeliner.
Håkan Popare: Often dresses in striped shirts, shorts, hats and suspenders.
"Did I just see an emo from the 60's?
"No, you just saw a popare."
by Pandipanda May 08, 2010
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