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A particular group of people that only dress and act gothic when it's popular to do so. Hot Topic goes through certain "phases" in their merchandising. Sometimes they cater to the punk kids. Sometimes they cater to the emo kids. And sometimes they cater to the goth kids. But the goth kids I make reference to are not bona-fide goth kids. They are only goth kids when it's their turn at Hot Topic. But when their turn ends and Hot Topic turns emo once again (they never cater to the metalheads, Hot Topic metal is trash) they may in fact be normal kids. dressing in normal clothes and acting like normal kids act.
"I liked Nightmare Before Christmas a lot more before the pop goths at Hot Topic wore it out and ruined it."
by Dave June 18, 2006
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1. a brand of music that takes the roots of gothic rock and waters it down into plastic, manufactured, mainstream, radio-friendly swill. Much like pop punk, but with goth music instead.

2. bands that the mainstream often perceives as goth, but, in actuality, are as far as any band can get from being so.

Notable bands within this genre include:

the 69 Eyes
Cradle of Filth
Marilyn Manson
My Chemical Romance
Panic! at the Disco
I'm so sick of these magazines referring to MCR as "goth". Why don't they call it what it really is --"pop goth"?

I told my little brother to turn down the HIM. I'm not in the mood for pop goth.
by Evil Ed 667 February 26, 2007
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popgoth or (popular goth) is a person who'm is goth but has many friends and is conciderd popular by those around them. this type of goth does not care if he/she is popular or not but tends to focus on being themselves. more often then not they go to art schools where being diffrent is widely excepted. they listen to the same music as any other goth and have the same view on society and life and are still intellagent not like air heads. popgoth's are a very rare bunch and truley do exsist !
wendy: hey did you see that kid with the black ?
sally: ya thats rob he is so cool i love how dark and deep he is.
wendy: isn't he a loser ?
sally:rob ? a loser ? haha ! never people love him because he is nice.
sally: i thought goths couldn't be popular
wendy:well he is popgoth.
by nakoma August 29, 2006
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