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An old, beaten up car that is considered by it's owner to be the 'dog's bollocks' (or an extension of his manhood), when in reality it is a piece of crap that has been given a tastless and offensive chav transformation using cheapo motor store and eBay 99p 'stick on' shite. Expect to see big bore exhausts or chrome 5" wide add-on stuck over the exisiting tailpipe (and lots of blue smoke), home made whale tail spoilers, spray can paintjobs, blue LED washer jets, neons, chrome hubcaps that are supposed to look like alloys, lexus style or blacked out rear lights, shite music played too loud and cap adorned, blingtastic chav driver wearing burberry or bench clothing from TK Maxx.
"Oh my god, look at that twat driving in his poor man's cock." or "Jesus, that car is a piece of shit, a real poor man's cock."
by Goops The Jetman August 04, 2006
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