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Today's unjust wealth-circualtion has created many problems for those 'many' of us 'have-nots', seperated off from the rich 'haves' living in their fancyass 'Privatopias' by electronic gates (gated communities) and mega-Development-maddened investors who are building 'siege-chic' housing projects in large cities (gated neighborhoods), to house the rich fartsos in them, excluding the poor in what's known as the 'overclass' or 'privatocracy'.
Poor Farms started out in Hollywood-poisoned Los Angeles and spread out worldwide. LA's bum-blockades were for -- as the name suggests -- bumtown residents who kept seeping into the other 'stars-studded' nice and clean side. But, these ritzy-shitzy 'gated neighborhoods' can now be seen in faroff places like Iraq and Egypt.

Jordan will have its own fair share with new Saudi-financed, strictly-guarded housing projects: modern blocs erected in pollution-choked Jordanian 'second cities' like seaside Aqaba and Jordan's waste-dump e'Zarqa (this city is the major workforce supplier in Jordan where people can barley find their NBH 'next bowl of hummus'!), wait and lo... 'bum-proof' lawns and bum alarms are going to share the same ground with the people who live there in their poor farms!

by hammer---;, hytham May 02, 2007
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