A phrase used to describe a certain type of person. This person is usually tall and gangly and may suffer from slight mental retardation. They usually have curly hair and most would describe them as a big dumb faggot. Many of the P-sharks listen to hip-hop music and are characterized as wiggers. These types of poop sharks may have a Jheri curl. Some famous poop sharks include Jon Heder(Napoleon Dynamite), Screech(Dustin Diamond) , and Rosie O'Donnel.
Korie Mooreland is such a douche! He must have got his degree in poop sharkology.

I can't believe that faggot! he is such a Poop Shark!
by Doug Wenticoff December 06, 2006
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1. One who voraciously consumes massive quantities of raw fecal matter. Such behaviour is said to be "shark-like".

2. Tronny.
Not only is Tronny an arsebadger, he's a total poopshark as well.
by Shiggedy August 22, 2004
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