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someone who is buzz kill in every situation.
Person 1: Hey! I just got accepted to college!
Person 2: did you know 80% of the students there end up dying slow and painful deaths?
Person 1: what?
Person 3: jeezz mon, you a pooper nutter.
by toschoolforcool March 04, 2011
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A Poopernutter is an alien-like being that has a pouch - much like a kangaroo's - on its stomach. It has one curly hair that sticks up into the air on its head. Its best friend is known to be the Poo Chi Chi. Like the Poo Chi Chi, the Poopernutter has no gender. Many people think of a baby when they see the Poopernutter because of its appearance.
Mom, can I have an ice cream cone?
No, sweetie.
Ugh, you're such a Poopernutter.
by Poo Chi Chi March 17, 2011
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