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Also, the poopman.
Comes in his poop truck to suck the poop out of the sewer system (and other things that get stuck there).

The poopman is very popular in places where they have cesspools in the houses (like in the majority of Europe)
Oh my gosh! The poop collector is digging with his poop scoop in the poop truck's storage space, looking for gold!

Nah, he's just stirring the poop!
He loves the poop so much that he can't wait to make love to it when he's home!
by Fukaface! June 01, 2011
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the act of taking a poo in someone's mouth while they are passed out.
my friend had way to many beer's so i gave him the poop collector
by the official poop giver April 22, 2009
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