Available Domains :D

  • poontucket.men
  • poontucket.se
  • poontucket.org
  • poontucket.net
  • poontucket.com
  • poontucket.ninja
Wherever a rotund woman drinks beer and eats donuts while watching "Who Wants To Prove They're A Whore On National Television" and ignoring the cries of her 14 squalling spawn, there is Poontucket. Wherever a man in a stained shirt with worn armpits speaks profoundly of "those people" while pausing only to spit a wad of gooey yellow phlegm past the soggy butt of a Marlboro clenched permanently in brown, broken teeth, there is Poontucket.
Use "poontucket" wherever it feels appropriate.
by Inkthinker June 08, 2004
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