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a growing phenomenom, poonmeisters are sprouting up all over the joint. what is a poonmeister? a true meister of poon. this guy lives poon and loves poon: his weekend involves going to parties, getting with the best poon there, and then fucking the hostess. he will have no problem with two timing or cheating on girlfriends.

targets for a poonmeister to achieve:
14 years old - get with 20 girls
15 years old - get with 30 girls
16 years old - get with 40 girls
and so on..

all girls must be above 6.5, no cheating.
you can only be a true poonmeister if you have achieved these targets: only then can you truelly be called a poonmeister, the meister of all poon.
'my name is Flash J, but my friends call me Poonmeister Flash J. now suck my cock.'
by Yeti Legs May 31, 2009
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