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n. adj. poogetter

Def. A poogetter is anything that can be denoted as something negative. Also used as a negative connotation to describe a word or phrase.

1. Most commonly is used to replace "curse" word in situations were is might not be appropriate to use them.

2. A word that is used to replace any other noun to form a negative connotation.

3. It can also be used to help describe a subject for form a negative connotation.
Ex.1 Someone is at school and a teacher catches him/her cheating on a test. The first reaction might be to say "shit", "fuck", or "dammit." However, these types of reactions have a tendincy to make the situation worse in the an "academic setting." So instead him/her says, "poogetter."

Ex.2 "That guy is such an asshole!" Instead someone would say, "That poogetter is such an asshole."

Ex.3 "That girl was such a bitch" Instead someone would say, "That girl was such a poogetter."
by Joel Jacobson November 15, 2007
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