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a poocrumb is where one has a poo and there is remanence of poo left on the hair around the anus. Can also be used as an insult.
Gary wiped his arse and there was poocrumb left on there!
or You poocrumb!
by Jack Pemberton October 30, 2007
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Crumbs of shit that remain in the toilet even after u flush.
Omg, someone left me poo crumbs in the toilet.
by Pavelski8 April 19, 2007
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Those little bits of poo left in the toilet after it has been flushed.
Girl goes to use toilet after her boyfriend..., "hey get back in here are get rid of these poo crumbs!"
by Mighty Muffin May 31, 2016
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1. Small crumbs of poo-ey loo roll debris left around the floor area of a toilet when someone - usually a guy - wipes their butt too hard and vigorously after doing a poo. Often happens when one is in a hurry or gets disturbed from normal poo routine, and turns and stands to wipe.Totally gross.

2.What you can therefore call someone who totally creeps you out or you find disgusting
1. Holy crap dude, why do you always make so much poo crumbs?

2. That guy is a stinky poo crumb
by Honey Monroe July 10, 2011
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