Poems, messages, etc. written in rest room stalls
Here I sit broken hearted,
Sat right down and only farted.

This is a tee-pee
For you to pee-pee.
Not a wig-wam
To beat your tom-tom.

Man's life ambition must be small
To write a message on a shithouse wall.

Some of the poo haiku masterpieces of Thomas Crapper...or George Michael...
by La Petomaine July 11, 2008
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Haiku poo, or Haiku o shinagara haiku(Haiku while you poop), is an ancient form of haiku used to pass the time while in the bathroom, meditating on the physical release from within. A three-line poem with 17 syllables, put together in a 5–7–5 pattern, it is usually said in one breath, which may be very helpful depending on type of poop or length of time in the bathroom.
A haiku poo from Sumida Manobutt....


Koko de watashi wa suwatte kokyū suru

Hitode wa mizu ni mukatte hanasu

Watashi wa owatte furasshu suru

Here I sit and breathe
Starfish speaks to the water
I finish and flush
by Zachariah Langley 13 January 29, 2018
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