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Combination of both the shirt and the person wearing it when said shirt is a polo shirt and said person is a complete douchebag. This douchebag will always be wearing a polo shirt usually of Abercrombie or Hollister origins. 99% of the time the collar on the d-bag's shirt will be "popped" making the douchebag look like even more of a complete tool. Often, a polo-douche will wear more than one polo shirt with every shirt's collar popped. This can mean up to about 8 polo shirts on one douchebag. A polo-douche (PD) can be quickly recognized if you see a guy with an obvious fake tan who is wearing sunglasses inside or at night. A person can be a douchebag without being a PD if he does not wear polo shirts, but if said douchebag usually wears polos and missed a day (most likely because he forgot to make his girlfriend do his laundry) he is still classified as a PD. The worst kind of PD's you will ever meet are the PD's from New Jersey (America's garbage dump). These people should be avoided at all costs. There is one other thing to note, although it probably seems like every person wearing a polo shirt is a douchebag and consequently a PD, that is not the case. The other kind of person you will see wearing a polo shirt is a nerd. Nerds in polo shirts are easily identified because the buttons on the shirt will be buttoned all the way up, the collar will not be popped, the shirt will be tucked in, and there will be a pocket protector in the shirt's pocket. Avoid these people too.
John: Hey dude, we should see if that guy wants to get in on our game of beach soccer.

Wally: No way brah, did you see what he is wearing? That guy is obviously a polo-douche. He won't want to get sand on him. He just got done fake tanning and the sand will stick to the tanning lotion.

Girl One: I can't believe I dated that guy for a year! He's such a polo-douche!

Girl Two: I know! He was always more worried about his Abercrombie polo shirts than he was about you. What a douchebag!

Girl One: Not a douchebag, a polo-douche.
by AtownDbag October 20, 2012
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