cracking a whole egg (raw, of course; brown egg recommended) into a pint of beer to start your day the right way
after a wild night of festivities; Fryderyk recommends chasing that hangover away with a full, balanced polish breakfast
by tony_homo December 23, 2010
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When one has a stimulant, esp speed for breakfast rather than food.
by R Muir April 24, 2007
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It is when you dont have a room at the hotel but you still eat their breakfast (basicly being a theif)
Ben dover :All of the food places here is very expelsive

Mike hunt : we can just have a polish breakfast at the hotel
by Hard_willy July 26, 2022
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A Polish Breakfast is where you crack an egg on a woman’s vagina and fuck the soul out of her until the egg is scrambled.
Yeah Charlie’s mom invited me over for a polish breakfast and the eggs tasted quite well
by Chunky Skittles January 2, 2019
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