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The act of gathering with you best friends, even sometimes people you don't know, to indulge during the weekend. To consume enough liquid substance so that you cannot walk, talk, or make proper judgments, however you do not end up on your knees in front of a toilet or holding onto a trashcan for dear life. This is typically followed by a day of confusion and a pulse in you head. Most common at colleges, yes, and even in wellness-designated dorms. Not to be confused with "harvesting", the act of indulging in the fruit of the "farm".
Let's meet up at 10 o'clock to do some policy making.

I'm gonna hit up the liquor store so that tonight we can do a little policy making.

Uhh.... All that policy making friday left me with a throbbing head and dehydration. Let's harvest tonight instead.
by Big Red13 April 17, 2010
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