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A game played usually by 2 brothers (occasionally sisters) when they are little. Both contestants sit on a sofa (one at either side) whilst watching TV. To gain more space on the couch, or to kill time during adverts, the contestants commence in a dual known as "pokey bum chase".

The aim of the game is to stick your big toe up the other opponents asshole, thus making him scream like an idiot and jump off the couch, whilst you sit there laughing at the molested individual.

Natural occurance in everyday life. May result in lawsuit if played beyond the age of 18.
Brother 1: "Move over a bit!"
Brother 2: "Nut!"
*commence kicking*
*commence pokey bum chase*
Brother 2:"aaaaaaahHhhhh!"

by C.I. November 25, 2007
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