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One who is a complete addict to the childish TV show and card game Pokemon. This certain person is so addicted that they will steal money from their parents to get the latest cards/games from Pokemon. They will have downloaded all existing mp3 Pokemon songs into their iPods and rock out to them.
Brother: Shhh don't tell mom i'm taking her money. I need to get the new booster packs!
Sister: You're a pokemon addict...
Brother: Wuz that? I couldn't hear you over my Pokemon songs.
by hoagly December 25, 2010
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One who is addict to playing pokémon go. It takes over daily life. Skipping out on work duties, randomly walks away in search of pokémon. Consistently looking for a battery pack, consistently staring down at his or her phone. Similar to a historic candy crush addict !
Person 1:Where Raffy?
Person 2:He just randomly walked off in the middle of our conversation in search of pokémon. He was screaming Pikachu!
Person 1: He's a fucking pokémon addict!
by That Raffy Taffy July 14, 2016
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