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Poke•man - A common misspelling or saying by people who do not know what Pokemon is or a way of being a giant smartass.
Man•child - An adult male who still possesses psychological traits of a child. (see the full definition of Manchild)

A Pokemanchild is a man who is an adult who only sees Pokemon as it is. A man who is obsessed with the trading card game, the games, merchandise and more. This man commonly will become upset if his favorite Pokemon is insulted. Commonly wears Pokemon appeal and is the first thing they can think to talk about.

However, do not get this confused with a Pokefan, which is a person who generally enjoys Pokemon for what it is versus a "Pokemanchild."

Commonly, people with this problem are often seen as "Autistic" and very may well be.
"Zack only talks about Pokemon when I'm with him. Everytime we are hanging out, all he wants to do is play Pokemon on our 3DS' or Pokemon Stadium. It gets old real fast. When I told him about this girl I was dating, he only talked about how Lusamine is the prettiest and if she were real, he'd date her. This guy is a real Pokemanchild"
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by Tarrabyte May 15, 2018
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