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A phrase that means to engage in sexual intercourse with a virgin woman. When you have sex with her, you "poke her yolk." There are many variations of this phrase. For males, you can say "choke the yolk" or "stroke the yolk." And upon completion of the aforementioned activities, the "yolk is broke." Other words that rhyme with yolk that make for extremely entertaining sexual innuendos: stoke, toke, bloke, folk, and James Polk. This definition came into existence while three young men were eating breakfast at a small restaurant in Colorado on January 15th, 2010.
I was just finishing up my P.E. class when this girl decided to stroke my yolk. She asked me if I wanted to poke the yolk with her for a little while, but I just wanted my bloke choked and I declined. Unfortunately, though, I left before my yolk broke.
by Barbequed Yolk January 15, 2010
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Having sex with a woman who is menstruating. The 'Yolk' is a reference to the female ovum.
Dude 1: Man, I wanted to bang that chick last night, but she was on the rag.

Dude 2: Lame. Why didn't you just poke the yolk?
by radius July 25, 2008
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