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Someone addicted to Texas Hold'em Poker. This person will drive long distances for a good poker game and will keep a spreadsheet of their overall wins and losses. This person will also watch the World Series of Poker on ESPN - even watching re-runs when they already know what is going to happen. They probably also have the special Tommy Bahama shirt with the playing cards on the back of it. They will send text messages to their other pokaholic friends such as "I'm all in !", "I call", "I raise", "I took you out last night", "I'm taking you out tonight", and "Loser!!!". They have their own special token they use to place on top of their chips during poker play and have a special set of sunglasses to wear while playing poker.
Dude 1: Hey, let's get JP to go out to eat with us!
Dude 2: No way man, it's Tuesday night, that pokaholic has a standing game every Tuesday.
by oibeachnc November 26, 2008
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