1. A person who, whilst most likely possessing above-normal intelligence, nevertheless annoys the living crap out of their friends and acquaintances due to a tendency to expound ad infinitum upon uninteresting topics, using lots of long words.
1. "Oi, that person wot wrote the definition for 'pointy-head' in urbandictionary.com, she's a bit of a bloody pointy-head, isn't she?"
by Em Johnson July 27, 2005
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A friendly term refering to the lovely people of Cornwall who are all related to Pixies and Elves. These small people always wore pointed hats and hence the nickname.
Oy Pointy head, whats upwith your heed.
by DickieD July 11, 2006
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A racist old psychopath who has not empathy for animals or people but is over protective about there child / children.
by Sulid_Aberdeen February 18, 2018
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