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To hijack someone else's iPod (esp. w/car interface, while owner is driving) and change their playlist of choice to one you prefer--without their consent, knowing they are unable to interfere. Can imply a criticism of the owner's taste in music.
Dude--don't be podjacking me! I just put that playlist together! My car, my tunes...

Ugh--this music sucks. I'm podjacking you.
by rshellesen April 27, 2008
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"PodJacking" (sometimes "iPod Jacking") occurs when an individual equipped with an iPod and radio transmitter, accidentally or intentionally overrides another individual's radio. The result of setting the transmitter to a frequency in use locally. Happens most often in cars while on the road.
"I was driving around and grooving out, but this jerk pulled up next to me and PodJacked my radio! All I could hear was the Backstreet Boys, I hate PodJacking!"
by RadioSuperstar December 16, 2006
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