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when 2 or more cops are together at one place (especially at night!), similar to a ho down - yee haw
hey slow down there's a cop
no wait there's more then one
that's a po down!!
by laurenisacult June 30, 2009
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when you polo down, er'thing you got on is Polo, from your shirt to the socks to the shoes, er'thing is Polo
Son, did you see Aisha today, man she was on her Po-Down mode today!
by TheGirlWonder May 08, 2006
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Very similar to a hodown, only involving police. If one is spotted, the observer should yell Podown!! Then point and laugh. (because cops, especially in large groups, are a joke.)
This can sometimes be accompanied by rolling down your window and yelling "Suuuueeey!!! Here piggy, piggy, pig!!!"
A group of cop cars chilling in a random parking lot late at night... Definitely a Podown!

5 cop cars roll into the McDonald's parking lot simultaneously... This is most assuredly a podown.
by jennosaurus rex January 23, 2009
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