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the term given to two males at university who dedicate their lives to the university hockey club and reject girls in order to spend their own time together being homosexual. you can often see plynchos at the front-left corner of a nightclub's dance floor 'sharking'. if sharking does not succeed over the course of their two hour period of sipping shandy through a straw will conclude in going home together and praying to their 'foss-god' shrine. hockey sticks are a common tool in their sexual activity. gk helmets often required. common girl names that usually are associated with plynchos are louise and stephanie.
hockey 1: are you going out tonight?

hockey 2: yea, i am going to the hockey social to sip some j20 and watch plynchos bump and grind with one another over foss.
by terrence&phillip January 17, 2012
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