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When a guy dresses up like a pirate and a girl dresses up like a cat, maybe like catwoman, and then the guy starts to preform anal sex and then the girl starts to make cat noises.
i asked my girlfriend if i could plunder cat her so we had to go shopping for costumes.
by tdangsdroppinjocks April 29, 2009
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A Female that wears clothes that dont fit, but still thinks shes the next top model. A extra large girl wearing extra small clothes. Large and in Charge Big Boss Plunda
Any female that got on clothes that limit her movement or she cant hardly breath, but in her mind shes killing it, when she know damn well she wrong. All good looking girls got one Plunder Cat friend. If this Plunder Cat dont give her little sisters shirt back. PLUNDER CAT PLUNDER CAT HOOOOOOEEEE
by Creep Pimpin October 30, 2009
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