A complete dumbass who thinks they are entitled to other people's drinks so they drink anything and everything they possible can get their hands on. A plumdog millionaire tends to play golf and wear glasses. They are also compulsive liars and may promise to buy you alcohol only to take more of yours. Whatever you do don't fuck with a plumdog millionaire because they are always drunk and ready to brawl.
person 1: "yo did you see that plumdog millionaire down there?"
person 2: "Ya they stole my drink, drank and it all and then pretended like nothing happened!"
person 1: " I said he could have some of my beer if he went and changed his shirt, he came back I had none left and he called me a faggot and broke the pool stick over his face."
person 2:" Plumdog Millionaires are just so unpredictable."
by Most huggable 2011 September 14, 2011
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