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pluhk-fas-tik (adj)

1. alternative to plastic conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination; fun and creative alternatives to the single use plastics that pollute our ocean and beaches (e.g. a pluckfastic bag, bottle, fork).

2. extraordinarily good quality, made to get the job done then biodegrade, in reference to an alternative to disposable, toxic plastic.

3. an exclamation in response to someone using a reusable or biodegradable alternative to disposable, single-use plastic.

(Source: Wallace J. Nichols,
as in: β€œwow, that’s a pluckfastic refillable glass water bottle (or coffee mug or shopping bag or take-out container) with the sticker on it!” or β€œr u pluckfastic?”
by oceanrev September 25, 2009
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