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plowology...noun:a deliberate way of life, defined by but not exclusively limited to an appreciation of the ironic, innate, spirituality of the deep south and committment to the only things that are true...peace, love & bbq. Accidentally discovered, by Americana artist John "Hound" Brown, along with his deceased brother, Glenn Edwin Brown,circa 1987,somewhere on Interstate 40 west, just east of Winston Salem, North carolina. While in the midst of driving & meditating to the Allman Brothers, the two Brown brothers experienced a deep vision in which the solution to all the world's were revealed to them. In exchange for this ancient spiritual knowledge, Glenn & Hound were chosen to descend into the bowels of hell, releasing Robert Johnson's soul and delivering the Boogeyman to his rightful fate..and told to write literature and record songs that planted the seeds of Plowology. ON December 17th, 2007, older brother Glenn was called to return to his creator at approximately 8:15 pm eastern time, where he resides in the rhythym section of the Allstar Plowology Band on the Southern side of Heaven, top level nearest the Sun & Duane Allman. Younger brother, John "Hound" Brown continues this work, Plowology...and continues to share the wisdom of , "Peace, Love & BBQ." For more info visit,, google plowology, go to myspace, facebook..or better yet...invite some strangers in need in your home...cook them music for & with them...and care for their needs. Plowology is the beginning, becoming a plowologist requires the simplest of committments, which in turn makes it so difficult. To love unconditionally, give the very shirt off your back...and always share your BBQ.
"plowing the seeds of love"
you plowgone right!
I'll be plowgone!
plowology...the Root of it All.}
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