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a. An unverified story handed down from earlier times, especially one popularly believed to be historical, that involves either copious quantities of alcohol and/or a rather ridiculous anecdote about how the storytellers cousin fell down 6 flights of stairs and landed with his cock in Chantelle from BB mouth.

A plegend is is often un-codified, and past on through word of mouth, often by burly men who are under the influence

a. a man or woman, who whilst acting like a complete pleb, manage to make history, thus becoming 'plegendary'.
" Mate do you remember Ned, you know, the one with the birthmark under his chin, well this girl he was shagging, she knows my cousin, and my cousin says that she told him, that once on the way back from the pub, he scaled some scafolding, no joke 40 ft up he was, then she clambered up as well, and they had sex up there, but the house next door thought people were breaking onto the site so called the police! Police cars, riot van, helicopter, the lot. No word of a lie, he got caught up there, under a police helicopter spotlight, rogering his missus, that man is an absolut plegend "
by harrietknowsyourmum April 06, 2009
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